"Functional Art…"

Potheads are created with various tesserae consisting of vintage and recycled china and pottery, new and used smalti and Italian glass tiles. Every hand cut tile is patiently placed, one by one, to create these friendly faces. These pieces are applied to terra cotta and ceramic pottery, mirror frames and small and large wood based cut-outs. A MTA (mosaic tile adhesive) is used to stick the pieces to the forms and a colored, sanded grout with an acrylic additive is used to finish each Pothead

Don't throw away that prized piece of broken china. The Artists at Potheads can custom design your personal Pothead or mirror, giving those family heirlooms a second chance. Displayed on your lawn or in your living room, Potheads are always the center of attention. 

"Art is what you can get away with." Andy Warhol

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